To All New Arrivals (Winter 2017), We Love You

This is going to be a chat about arrivals and departures of items to and from my winter wardrobe (Barcelona, November 2016 – February 2017). I was quite flexible, allowing things to come in and flow out. Ended up being the same number, but that’s a coincidence, I swear.

8 IN!

New to me:

1. Black sparkly headband, birthday gift from C’s mom. A rather “sober” addition to my headband collection. A keeper for at least a while.

Not counted in the spreadsheet (welcome to my complex system): birthday gift from C – a cien colores scarf from Cáceres region and sunglasses, a birthday gift from my Mom.

2. Woolen fast fashion sweater (made in Madagascar!) I snatched from C and then swapped away before tailoring to fit me better (so you also see it in the “Out” list). Served me well for two weeks, though.

3. Muroexe boots. You can read about my wet-weather footwear struggles here. C had followed these people for a long time, so he suggested I get these boots during the sales and stop whining about my feet hurting. It worked.

4. Fast fashion (made in Turkey) lace dress Liisa had brought to January Swap. This has received an extensive wear throughout February to comply with my obsession to wear everything at least 10 times. Did it! And brought some serious bridesmaid’s look to my office.

5. Velvet skater skirt Liisa had brought to January Swap (indeed, I like her stuff!). A friend of hers in Estonia made it, so it’s slow, homemade fashion. Also warm, comfy and flattering. High (read: natural) waists have been intriguing me for a while, but I never found the right piece to practice it. After all, I came of age during the time of boot cuts and low-low waistlines. Again, this piece got a lot of wear in February due to 10-time rule.


The pieces I pulled out of my non-seasonal box were:

6. My Mom’s hand-me-down wrap skirt emerged from the box, to replace the green flared skirt.

7. I got out the pink outrageous trench to do a low-key Little Red Riding Hood fancy dress and then decided I needed to stick with it for 10 times. During those I realized that this modified fast fashion wonder had become too much even for me. So, out it went. I really hope it has found a more extravagant new owner.

Pictures from when the little trench was still white. There is no photographic evidence of my dye job.


8. Black White Veja Taua got pulled out of the rubbish bag and worn for a week. Then, having confirmed that they were indeed falling apart, out they went.


8 OUT!

1. C’s woolen sweater went to January Clothes’ Swap and found a new owner.

2. The pink trench went to January Clothes’ Swap, nobody wanted it so to Banc Expropriat’s Tienda Gratis it went.

3. The green flared skirt (bought second hand in Riga in 2006) felt very worn and used, and went to January Clothes’ Swap. Nobody wanted it there, so to Banc Expropriat’s Tienda Gratis it went.

4. C’s hand-me-down fake denim pants were not keeping their shape, even after all the tailoring. So bye-bye and it ended up in Banc Expropriat’s Tienda Gratis.

5. Vivienne Westwood x Melissa boots had the same destiny, because boots causing suffering is not OK, no matter how pretty.

6. Julie’s hand-me-down cardigan got an unmendable hole and went to Roba Amiga container.

7. Black White Veja Taua also went directly to the orange container.

8. I got in touch with reality, and the white knitted vest finally went to rest in the orange container. It had my winter staple for many years (and my Mom’s before that), but no garment lasts forever.

So there was a lot of movement in my winter wardrobe. I got three very basic winter staples: the lace dress, the velvet skirt and my new winter boots + some cute adornments. And I let go of several items that were either not working for me or beyond repair. Success!

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