After 3 months of the big spreadsheet in 2020

Yep, this is weird right now… but routine data collection when facing unprecedented circumstances makes these data even more valuable, right?

First of all, the pandemic, of course. The last 18 days of the last trimester were spent sheltering in place, so nothing to track… I only track the ‘serious’ clothing I leave home in, not loungewear, remember? And the same expects my second trimester spreadsheet, for the first two weeks of April, according to the current guidelines, but probably more…

Then, when it comes to personal changes, I stopped taking the weekly outfit photos. And I’m actively decluttering the majority of outfit photos taken between 2017 and 2019… so there are just fewer photos.

And I’m still mostly working from home, so there are two contrasting influences at play determining what I wore between January and March 2020: (a) not that many wears in general, and many of them being just to the swimming pool or shops vs. (b) the desire to dress up when actually leaving home for fun. On top of that, I got back to using bicycle to get to my entrepreneurship classes, so I was reminded about the dress requirements for urban biking: reasonable skirts or trousers, knee-highs or tights, backpack friendly outerwear (i.e. no cape), and layers to be warm in the morning but not to die under the mid-day sun.

I would also like these reports to become more qualitative, spelling out my relationship with the most and least worn garments instead of just recording the numbers. We’ll see how that goes…


Meanwhile, just a reminder about what is going on here: in 2018 I switched from doing seasonal capsules to having all my garments available throughout the year and just tracking every time I wear something outside home. You can learn all about the underlying logic in the previous quarterly posts:

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Then 2019 started, and here is January-March post,
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I have decided to focus more on seasons across years from now on, instead of how different garments accumulate wears across the seasons. It will be more fun, I promise.

And here we go with my wardrobe champions and laggard of January-March 2020:



Most worn: The red flea sweater (bought second-hand in 2005; 29 wears worn in last three months; 240 wears counted in total). This sweater has clearly decided to grow old together with me. I had decided to let go of it, telling myself that it felt worn and I should find a sharper looking sweater. I hand-washed it and shaved the pilling in preparation for letting it go during the next swap… but I have been living in it since the shelter in place was announced and, according to the spreadsheet, also before that. Actually, I’m wearing it as I’m writing this…

What can I do if it’s perfect? Just the right thickness, not too wide and not too body-hugging, unobstructed neckline, foldable sleeves, good color… So it will get some armpit embroidery/darning to prevent holes, then some more shaving and a wash once the sweater season is over just to be stashed away until October or so. We are clearly BFF.

Runner-ups: My mom’s hand-me-down trench (2011; 28 wears in last three months; 217 wears counted in total) and the floral sweater from the February swap (2020; 12 wears so far). While you know the trench, the sweater is new. No brand label, made in Italy, 70% acrylic and 30% wool… Yeah, I know, acrylic is the devil but I’m only going to wash it very occasionally and only by hand. Also, I like it. Because of the stupid flowers, of course. And of the generous, funny sleeves. And the hugging, natural waistline. I feel put together and adult in it. So much so that it is present in my ‘let’s do professional organization online’ portrait:

Most worn in the same period in 2019: The same red sweater (30 wears).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: My mom’s hand-me-down trench (39 wears).

Not worn: The usual inhabitant of this space, the floral corduroy bolero (custom made in 2011; 10 wears counted in total since 2016; 0 wears in the last three months). I think I’ll just give up on this one and assume it’s to be archived for some unknown purpose… because I am clearly not wearing it.

This is the classical case that I would see a client struggling with and try to gently encourage her to let go once and for all, as that garment doesn’t bring anything but guilt every time I see hanging it there alone and unloved in my mom’s wardrobe in Rīga. Sad. Me and this jacket, we both deserve better.



Most worn: My mom’s black MnS dress (2013; 7 wears in last three months; 100 wears counted in total) and my mom’s gingham dress (2016; 7 wears in last three months; 82 wears counted in total). These were weird three months for dresses. I actually fixed the black dress in February after a long ‘I really need to take care of this’ hiatus… and wearing both of these reminded me how comfy and easy dresses can be. I hope summer and being allowed outside comes at some point, I want to wear these more.

Also, these two are my oldest dresses now since the HnM sweetheart dress became a skirt. As always, garments tend to survive in our wardrobes either because of guilt or because they are truly ours. This is a case of the latter.

Most worn in the same period in 2019: my mom’s Violeta gingham dress I refashioned (11 wears).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: My aunt’s hand-me-down PhD dress (11 wears).

Not worn: All the other dresses, basically…



Most worn: The fine merino tank top (2020; 26 wears so far). No, I don’t think that including base layers that aren’t always visible is cheating… Also, I clearly needed this kind of cozy blank black canvas in my wardrobe.

Runner-ups: The long-sleeve fine merino top (2020; 14 wears) and the Forever 21 top from the Russian swap (2019, 13 wears).

Most worn in the same period in 2019: Liisa’s lace top (11 wears) and Liliana’s t-shirt (11 wears).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: The demon t-shirt (28 wears).

Not worn: The summer tops and then some, I’ve clearly been wearing a capsule for the last three months…



Most worn: My beige lyocell skirt (I sewed them myself in 2018; 20 wears in the last three months; 65 wears in total). Yes, finally! This skirt is clearly a wardrobe staple now. And I had doubts about its feasibility for such long time: such volume, such light color, such wrinkle-prone material, such awkward length… But it is perfect. The volume is gorgeous and actually offsets the wrinkling. The light color feels very uplifting once I am surrounded by it and that same volume hides stains wonderfully. And while I cannot really ride a bicycle with this length and volume, I can wear knee-highs throughout the Barcelona ‘winter’ without being cold or having the visual chop line at knees that such socks mark. And I made them myself. From a gifted material. tl;dr: heart eyes.

Runner-ups: Liisa’s velvet skater skirt (2017; 11 wears now; 90 wears in total so far) and then leggings, of course, with 9, 9 and 7 wears for each of the pairs in my current rotation… because leggins are the publicly worn pajamas men haven’t been really invited to participate in. All of them are ZIB viscose and elastane mixes.

Most worn in the same period in 2019: ZIB orange flower leggings (21 wears). Told you…

Most worn in the same period in 2018: ZIB black leave leggings (33 wears). Aha, I mean it.

Not worn: The sari maxi (custom made in 2012; 0 wears in the last three months; 56 wears counted in total) which makes perfect sense for this ultimate summer garments and Kristīne’s layered skirt (2015; 0 wears in the last three months; 80 counted wears in total). This skirt was my basic year-round staple between 2017 and 2018 but something happened in 2019… I just stopped reaching for them, although the only wear and tear after all those wears are just a bit of fading and one small stain I just can’t get out. We’ll see what the next three months will bring for this skirt. Maybe it’s time for it to change hands wardrobes?



Most worn: Veja Wata Pierre sneakers (2018; 35 wears in the last three months; 311 wears in total) and Veja Taua Groselle Fluo sneakers (2019; 35 wears in the last three months; 48 wears in total so far). Yes, I am very happy that canvas sneakers can be my winter shoes, thank you very much!

Most worn in the same period in 2019: The same Veja Wata Pierre (48 wears).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: The Arcopedico wedges (41).

Not worn: The prize for 0 wears goes to the same Arcopedico wedges (they now live in Rīga waiting for weddings and opera occasions), the Veja Taua Nautico (because they also live in Rīga for the moment being), and the swap fake birks that are waiting for the summer.



Most worn: My mom’s silver bracelet (judging from the photo archive, I started to steal it from her around 2004; 11 wears in the last three months; 45 counted wears in total). The one above is the oldest photo of me wearing it I could find. It’s the braided silver one on my right wrist, not the teenage angst artifact on the left one, btw (:

Most worn in the same period in 2019: The Little Bit Bijoux necklace (11 wears).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: The red wooden necklace (8).

Not worn: the Russian set necklace for no other good reason but the fact that my ears hurt from the set earrings, and the sunhat for obvious seasonal reasons. While the extra sensitivity of my earlobes has been consistent for the last few years, hence my abandonment of most earrings, the sunhat is coming back strong for sure. I was so happy with it last summer!


And here you have it… How were your first three months of 2020 wardrobe-wise? How do you think the quarantine will affect your wardrobe desires once we get out of this? I am craving a good reason to dress up, what about you? Tell me ♥

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