After 3 months of the big spreadsheet in 2019

Another 3 months have passed and here is an update on my big spreadsheet. If you are new to this, between 2014 and 2017 I was doing season capsules of stashing away the ‘unseasonal’ items and doing the whole ritual of ‘seasonal change’ every couple of months while tracking the number of wears. And then it felt like too much fuss… So I started tracking the number of wears without doing the ‘now you go away’ ritual. Here is the outset post (that includes a link to an example Google Sheet), here the 3-month update, here the 6-month update, and here – the 9-month, and here the 12-month recap. But we are three months into 2019, and here comes the next update!

Having a year’s worth of solid information is great, and my data-loving side is filled with joy. If you think that this is for weirdos quantitative sociologists only, Marina is an example how less spreadsheat-inclined normal people might get value out of this exercise too… So here you have the wardrobe heroes of January-March 2019 by categories with the number of wears in parenthesis.

I am mostly disappointed about the numbers of these 90 days. And my irritation is of statistical nature, of course. As I’ve expanded my wardrobe considerably in these months – that’s a whole another post – each garment has got less wears assuming an equal distribution of them… But this is it.


Most worn: Red flea sweater (30). This is a curious case… I keep doubting whether I should discard it as the shape was never perfect and it piles… but the warmth and short hem have me coming back to it. Hah, I just washed (by hand, in cold water, dried flat) it for the first time since I got it, already second-hand and upcycled, in early 2015! Survived fine. So I guess it will get a de-pilling treatment (C recently invested in this gadget) and wait for Autumn.

Runner-ups: Street One jacket (22) and my mom’s Zara trench (22).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: the Zara trench (39). Yep, I’m not sure if is has been (a) the weather (warmer?), (b) the available alternative in the Street One jacket, (c) being a bit tired of the trench; or (d) change in lifestyle that has pushed the trench back in 2019… It’s not going anywhere, though.

Not worn: my mom’s Primark cardigan. I picked it up when we organized her wardrobe in December, wore it a couple of times around Christmas and then left in Rīga. This is part of the integration work of new-to-me garments I was talking about… but I’m confident that its time will come as light fast fashion cardigans get worn to bits here.



Most worn: my mom’s Violeta gingham dress I refashioned (11). I was very excited about this refashion, and the dress is pajama-comfy while looking put together.

Runner-ups: my mom’s MnS black dress (10), HnM sweetheart dress (6), and my mom’s Madewell dress (6).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: my aunt’s hand-me-down PhD dress (11). Got 4 wears in last 3 months.

Not worn: my mom’s gingham dress and my mom’s dark blue silk dress. While these are pretty summery dresses, I’ve been wearing the gingham – ‘Toto, […] we’re not in Kansas anymore’ – dress during winter before. But not this last one. Curious! Too busy appropriating other garments, I guess.



Most worn: Liisa lace top (11) and Liliana t-shirt (11). Makes sense. The black lace top was already a runner-up a year ago.

Runner-ups: Kristīne’s blue kaftan (10) and February swap’s Bershka cutback top (10).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: the demon t-shirt (28). It is now going through a process of rebirth, I’ll show you in another post…

Not worn: Street One paisley top (0), my mom’s Indian prince shirt (0), my mom’s green bird plastic top (0). The purple paisley is an astonishing example of cotton jersey done well. That thing is 15+ years old and is in mint condition, mostly serving as lounge wear in Rīga. The white shirt is mostly for summer, so let’s see how will it do in next 6 months. And those green birds have a nice cut, the cutest print, and the most plastic fabric. We’ll see, maybe for occasional Latvian winters that is fine. I wore it to family Christmas lunch in December and felt fine.



Most worn: ZIB orange flower leggings (21). Yes, I need leggings for a quality life. As lounge wear, as hosiery, as bottoms. C’est la vie.

Runner-up: Ha! C’s HnM jeans (20). 16 wears as long pants, and then finally the perfect style emerged as I cut them.

Most worn in the same period in 2018: ZIB black leave leggings (33). Surprise! I worn out and boiled to death those leggings, so new ones were acquired.

Not worn: Ugh, too many… Gunta Upīte’s sari maxi, Kristīne’s sailor skirt, WAG skirt, my mom’s CnA green pants.



Most worn: Veja Wata Pierre (48). At least footwear still gets decent number of wears. And, yes, I’ve spent most of this ‘winter’ in canvas sneakers.

Runner-up: Muroexe boots (13). There was some winter in there after all… as in gong to Latvia.

Most worn in the same period in 2018: Arcopedico wedges (41). As I don’t go to office every day anymore, they are now sleeping in the footwear drawer. 4 wears in last 3 months.

Never worn: the birks, obviously. While it has been a month or so since one can spot tourists in flip flops in Barcelona, I’m not doing that just yet. However, every time I want to sneer at flip flops tourists, I remember this photo from April 2005. Yeah, been there, done that.



Most worn: Little Bit Bijoux necklace (11). A very beautiful gift from Giulia, made by her causin Giovanna, and an apt reminder of my future vision: from outrageous to sharp, from obnoxious to bright and precise. Also, reminds me of a Quidditch Snitch.

Runner-up: Ban.Do headband (10).

Most worn in the same period in 2018: red wooden necklace (8).

Not worn: that red wooden necklace. Dunno what happened there.


Wishes for next three months? Relaxing and just putting down numbers. Tracking is fine if I manage not to obsess about it…

What have been the heroes of your wardrobe in the first trimester of 2019? Any major changes, contraction or expansion? What have you worn most and what are (seasonally appropriate) pieces that have stayed in the back of the wardrobe? Do you practice any kind of wardrobe tracking?


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  1. I make my capsule seasonally (more or less, summer is short in Germany, and my winter capsule usually goes from mid Oktober to March) but the winners from the Winter season are always the same. And is interesting because they are not the usual ones when you check out capsule wardrobes on instagram or pinterest… My heros are basically mi surviving gear for North Germany: winter coat, backpack, dc. martens, black tights, black pullover, and black jeans. The rest of more colourful and stylish clothes get their wears, but not that many, by far.
    And my traking way right now ist an app called Smart Closet, I tried the spreadsheet (your spreadsheet actually 🙂 method for a while but I tend to forget to track it, so the smartphone method works better for me.

    1. Great to hear that my spreadsheet was a step in your process! Doing what makes sense (and brings joy) to you is the key, so keep tweaking and enjoy. As for the ’10 pieces every person needs’ lists, those are editorial fantasies not connected to life.

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