How I pack or #whatiwore 2017w16

Week 16 featured this year’s first trip, so I had to pack for four nights away from home and two flights.  My travel planning for last few years involves a pen-on-paper list (pictured above) divided by days and activities. I fill it with weather appropriate items I want to wear and – voilà! – I have a list of all I need to pack. This approach allows packing only the necessary number of things and planning to repeat outfits if appropriate. I will never tire of repeating that other people actually do not notice that much of our outfits. So repeating is a very smart travel strategy: if it passes the smell test, wear it again (and carry less with you)!

I make the list quite some days before the trip. It helps to assess my needs in a more detached way and helps to prepare all that has to be washed or mended before the trip. As with wardrobe pruning, you have to know your stuff very well to be able to do this without opening your wardrobe. To make sure that nothing stays behind in the laundry basket, I prefer to get the suitcase out a few days before the trip and just start to put in stuff that’s on the list.

My basic travel outfit is a long blouse and leggings adjusted for weather with adequate footwear and additional layers. It’s comfy, relaxed, and still feels put together. Lack of pockets in women’s apparel becomes an issue when traveling, so the additional layers need to have those. And, knowing how crazy cold it can be on a plane, I always bring that additional layer and a scarf with me.

For this trip involving Granada and Seville, however, I was preparing for warm weather on ground, so my Mom’s hand-me-down blazer it was. As long blouse and leggings combo work very well for almost all casual travel situations, I only needed a hotter weather alternative… So the shorts season is officially open!

By the third day the white blouse already had some grease stains (hello, Andalusian tapas!), but the little pink number (a hand-me-down from Kristine) did a great job replacing it. I have to admit that I chickened out when packing and included an extra top and leggings. In vain. Lesson learnt: trust the list!

I don’t mind showering together with my socks and underwear, so five of each was more then enough even if I changed into fresh socks after siesta. And my new Veja sneakers are now officially broken in and extra comfy for long walks.

We also attended a formal family event, so my aunt’s hand-me-down dress, the Arcopedico shoes and the same blazer topped with a sparkly headband did the trick.

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