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Yello! I’m Luīze and welcome to my minimalist fashion blog. The type of minimalism you will find here has more to do with numbers and less with a certain kind of aesthetics. There are few pieces in my wardrobe but most of them would qualify as statement pieces in other people’s books… I keep repeating that for me a solid outfit starts with mixing at least four patterns, and that’s only partly an exaggeration.


To make sue you feel like at home here, I suggest you follow this order:

For conceptual clarity read through The minimalist wardrobe masterpost: What do people do and why?

For advice on how to build a coherent wardrobe vision, go to Vision-building for your wardrobe.

For wardrobe editing strategies, here you have Constant gardener: Edit your wardrobe!

To calm down the overwhelm, go to Baby steps: Detoxing a wardrobe takes time.


To get to know me and the story of my wardrobe take a look at Part I: What do I have and how did I get here and Part II: How I build and track my seasonal capsules (with an example of how the winter 2016/2017 capsule worked and what were the items that moved either in or out of it).

Bonus A: My minimalist well-being routine.

Bonus B: Why we swap and how i.e. how to organize a clothes’ swap on your own.


If you are here for the outfit photos and pattern-counting, under “what I wore” label you will find my weekly #ootd compilations. As you will see, not all days of the week get a photo (life happens!) but you can still get an idea of how much mixing, matching and repeating goes on in my seasonal capsules.

Have fun and remember that each step towards a more sustainable wardrobe counts. See you at the next Swap!