Guardarrr #24: We have a closed beta!

Esta es la versión inglesa de mi boletín, puedes encontrar el mismo texto en castellano aquí.

What happened to October? There wasn’t one, was there?

I’ve spent the last six (ouch, sorry) weeks in a whirlwind of work, being especially busy teaching undergraduate students for the first time… which has also meant new experiences with clothing, creating what Melody calls luquinhos de professorinha.

But while I am preparing more digested reflections, the great news is that there is already a closed beta version of Guardarrr to play with, criticize and improve. Hence, if you follow this project wanting to have that dream wardrobe tracker *already*, there is finally a first iteration to try out. Write me at luize.ratniece [at] to participate in the testing.

And I’ll be back with my regular musings next week!

Taller-charla de armario más sostenible a coste 0: uso, cuidados y doblado vertical | 9 de noviembre 17:30 en Casal del barri Espai Antoni Miró Peris, Plaça de Carme Montoriol 8, Barcelona.

Coloquio post-función después de la obra “El silenci dels telers” | 20 de noviembre 18:00 en Centre Cívic Vil·la Urània, Saragossa 29, Barcelona.

Intercambio de ropa Green Saturday o Vermutet & Wardrobe Restart XVI | 27 de noviembre 11:00 – 14:00 en Ateneu Roig, Torrent d’En Vidalet 32, Barcelona.

Taller de visión del armario perfecto con collage | 19 de enero en Centre Cívic Trinitat Vella – Espai Foradada, Foradada 36, Barcelona.

Intercambio de ropa | 22 de enero en Centre Cívic Trinitat Vella – Espai Foradada, Foradada 36, Barcelona.

Para refrescar los conceptos básicos, ¿qué es el cambio climático? + Los efectos la emergencia climática en España, con Antonio Cerrillo… y por qué está tan mal todo: IPCC y la necesidad del cambio de sistema.

¿Cuánto contaminan los pañales de tu bebé? + Servicio de alquiler y lavado de pañales de tela Pana

Cada vez cuando algo plasticoso pone “compostable”, quiero que pienses en esto: ¿Es la tarjeta de Triodos Bank biodegradable? y Ponemos a prueba las bolsas OK Compost Home.

A basic reminder from The Devil Wears Prada (2006, David Frankel) how all of us, even those who fancy being outside of it, participate in the fashion system: Cerulean.

On bodies, sizes and fashion: Who Gets to Blend In, Who Gets to Break The Rules? + “like the body positive community’s shock and horror when Lizzo did a juice cleanse, this feels like a case of being upset that we can’t cash checks she never wrote to us. Lena Dunham never promised us fat liberation or body positivity” + How to Become Your Own Influencer.

Just to remind that clothes are also fun: 37 Weird Times Clothes — Yes, Clothes — Made People Gasp In Shock And Awe.

And that’s it for this week! I hope that you enjoyed reading and would be very happy to hear from you, regarding the app beta or anything else… in the comments below, via Facebook or Instagram, or via e-mail at luize.ratniece [a] gmail .com

Guardarrr is a weekly bilingual newsletter dedicated to sustainability and mindfulness in fashion. It is written by Luīze Ratniece, a sociologist and textile activist based in Barcelona. Guardarrr is both a tool for reflection and a crowdfunding channel for the wardrobe tracking app that Luīze is building. If you read this newsletter and value it, please consider going to the paid version to fund this project for a monthly equivalent of a coffee + pastry. Each subscription warms my heart immensely and helps going on, thank you so much for being here with me!

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