Go vegan!

…or veg*an, or veggan, or vegetarian, or flexi-whatever! Pretty please.

Here you have my favorites in reasons and tips
on reducing your consumption of animal products

Yes, you will probably have to fight your family and be the difficult one among your friends. And, yes, cheese is  hard to quit. And you will have ∞ passive-agressive conversations starting with ‘and how come you don’t eat … ?’ that you never started.

While we’re at it: yes, gradual reduction is good, any reduction is good! Even the stupid meatless Mondays… There are a million reasons why:


Health reasons and how to be the healthiest vegan out there (take your B12 NOW!)
He also breaks down the myth that (any kind of) veganism will make you live forever and glow inside out meanwhile.


On why not to have a sugary drink ever again and rethink all sweets, ketchup, etc.


The instant classic: Cowspiracy (2014)
Yes, it is annoyingly insisting on the whole ‘-spiracy’ thing,
but drives the environmental impact point home forcefully.


Environmental reasons that finally got Monbiot off the hedge of talking about eating roadkill, etc.
(Ignore the stupid title, subtitle and the front image, it has nothing to do with the content)


Public health reasons and what’s wrong with the animal agriculture even if you don’t care about animal welfare
If you truly want to be scared shitless. Watch it, it will be good for you in the long run.


On how to transition towards maximum nutrition, i.e. being whole-foods plant-based instead of Oreos-based


The very basic nutrition primer for everybody:
The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right
(comes down to the same thing – eat more plants!)


For repeated stimulation, these are my favorite blogs:

(I have discovered that cookbooks do not make any sense for me after years of living off Pinterest and blogs, so I have none. Due to their poor searchability and the necessary restriction that you get either a lot of nice photos or a lot of recipes, I really think it’s an obsolete genre.)

(Another disclaimer is that, obviously, posting good recipes and ‘vibrant vegan life’ insta-stuff doesn’t mean that people are qualified to dish out nutritional advice. I gloss over any talking about avoiding gluten without proper blood work, detoxing in any form, mysterious supplements, etc. woo-woo shit.)

Bloom Nutritionist: as the name implies, focus on nutrition primers + the occasional recipe.

Bonzai Aphrodite: living, vegan parenting, prevention of ex-veganism, an occasional recipe / fermenting tip.

Clean Food Dirty Girl: Molly will drive the whole whole-foods plants-based maximum nutrition home for you forcefully and repeatedly. I found it very useful when transitioning and tiring afterwards.

Dreena Burton: a normal, boring recipe blog in form but sometimes interesting no-oil no-soy no-nuts no-whatever… ideas come out of there.

Ēdamzāle: the only proper content-creating vegan cooking blog in Latvian I know. Also, the name itself is a beautiful pun on the usual ‘grass-eating’ vegan shtick.

Golubka Kitchen: a bit more cuisine-ish cooking with gorgeous photography from a mother-daughter team + an occasional Soviet reference.

Plant Based Dietitian: exactly what the title says.

The Vegan RD: Ginny Messina is THE person of vegan nutrition! Highlights include her Plant Plate and her vegan nutrition primers for key ‘issues’ such as B12, iron, calcium, the infamous protein… A must.

The Vegan Stoner: easy-peasy vegan recipes with few ingredients and prep so that the 8th step of each recipe is ‘munch!’. All the ingredients are illustrated and that’s the cutest thing ever.

Vegansaurus: a collective US-centric effort interested mostly in new cheeses, ice-creams, subscription boxes, etc. Gives a nice idea of the vegan milieu focused on animal welfare and not caring much about the fiber content of their food.

Also, because fruits = happiness!