#whatiwore 2020w22 + Sunday links

As the city of Barcelona can’t do their usual swaps this spring, they are trying to activate the second-hand consiousness online via #desfiladarenova. Although I am not a big fan of how they do it (you can read about it in detail here), I am a fan of the fact that they *are* doing it. Also, Espai Ambiental Cooperativa were so kind to tag me for this thing, I was flattered and couldn’t resist…

With great curiosity I observed my reaction, and was very pleased. After some seven years of active wardrobe reduction and five of active swapping, basically any outfit I put together is bound to contain some second-hand elements, most of them – several. Mine are not confinement ‘grab something’ photos that the design of the campaign suggests. These are just what I wore this week for some errands and walks, head to toe second-hand.

The image above is all swap finds: Zara dress from the December 2018 swap, Zara cardigan from the May 2018 swap embellished with my compulsive embroidery, Natura sandals from the September 2019 swap, and sunhat from Glow Yoga swap in June 2019.

The image below is an outfit of friendly hand-me-downs: the MnS kaftan from Kristīne (2018) and denim shorts from Giulia (2019) + the same Natura sandals.


And now for something completely different:

1. For all of us who at some point in our climate emergency grief have blamed ‘the people’: Making Life Cheap: Population control, herd immunity, and other anti-humanist fables.

2. Sounds good but too good to be true: I Don’t Feel Like Buying Stuff Anymore: Our economy is built on Americans of all class levels buying things. What happens when the ability — and desire — to do so goes away? Very valuable for the historical overview of the consumer behaviour in relation to geopolitics.

3. There is a lot of that ‘this will change everything’ sentiment going around, also from the point of view of aesthetics: Will We See A #Menswear 2.0?

4. And the proposed new normal consists of the old staples: “Ivy feels current because it has quality and provenance baked into it. It’s the perfect combination of craft and authenticity, with still modern-feeling sportswear” and On the Enduring Bland Appeal of Brooks Brothers—and the Freaks Who Love It.

5. Some people are still relentlessly trying to predict the future: Green Practices And New Fashion Apps Will Tackle Coronavirus Waste.

6. And, yes, we are still in the universe where a major newspaper will run a feature on how to darn: Forget fast fashion! Six ways to bring clothes back to life – from darning to stain removal.

7. The hard truths about the recycling industry: (in Spanish) Arde otro recuperador homologado de Ecoembes and Malditos datos de reciclaje.

This: “En cada incendio se pierde una gran cantidad de envases que salieron de una planta de clasificación. Toneladas y toneladas de plásticos de usar y tirar que pasan de ser material recuperado del contenedor amarillo a gases de efecto invernadero en la atmósfera. Pero en las estadísticas figuran como residuos reciclados.”


What I was writing about two years ago: Book review: Second Skin by India Flint.

What I was writing about three years ago: May Swap recap.


What I was wearing a year ago: #whatiwore 2019w22 + Sunday links. Oh, my little experiments with trying to wear trousers more often… + the story of that sunhat seen above.

What I was wearing two years ago: #whatiwore 2018w22 + Sunday links. As you can see, still wearing the sequined barrette!

What I was wearing three years ago: #whatiwore 2017w22.


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