#whatiwore 2020w21 + Sunday links

The summer weather is here, the sandal weather is here, and the confinement is still here…

So this is what a quick run for strawberries looks like these days: the silk dress that my mom made for herself 25 years ago (and I still haven’t written a post about it), the fake birks from last September’s swap (thank you, Merit! I love it so much when people say ‘hey, those were mine, I’m glad you like them’) + the mask and gloves. I know that gloves are contentious and that often washed hands are better. But gloves serve as a symbolic communication here: I am taking this shit seriously, and you should too.

It is all in my head, I know, but the uneven nakedness of this situation seems absurd to me… It is not, obviously, as my toes do not travel often from other potentially infectious surfaces to my eyes or mouth but the feeling is very weird. And don’t get me started on short shorts and tube tops coupled with masks and gloves…

Also, I would like to get a wax – yes, take a good look at that photo above – and a haircut, but my favorite people to do that are out of my Sanitary Region… I guess I prefer hairy to trying out new service providers for that. At least for now.


Here, the porridge for the brain:

1. George Monbiot musing about the amount of knowledge in humanities considered normal for the average person being much vaster than in life sciences: University of Life.

2. Masks as part of the politics of dress for, well, politicians: The Many Masks of Nancy Pelosi. This just ties into all the previous symbolic use of garments and accessories: Nancy Pelosi and the Persistent White Pantsuit and Nancy Pelosi Went Dark for the House Debates. Her Pin Shined

And that pin took me down to the dark google hole of ‘patriotic jewellery’ and the work of Ann Hand. I am astonished – as always when meeting such unironic expressions of pathos and/or patriotism – but also would wear these with delight. And, if I ever go back to DC, a visit to that shop is at the top of my list.

And one, of course, cannot talk about brooches with meaning without mentioning Madeleine Albright and her well known My Message? I’m Wearing It… and I want to read her brooch book now. After that we can talk about how that practice intersects with feminism, her negotiating a simultaneous status of being a woman and a Secretary of State with a decision power of which countries to bomb.

3. Talking about shorts as acceptable outerwear, though, here’s a bit of history: Taking a Shorts Break & He’s Got Legs. The cutest quote from the first one: “Most members wish for shorts; a few for the kilt; nearly all hate trousers. Some plead for less heavy materials and less padding; others for brighter colors,” the London Times reported in 1929.

4. And while you are cleaning your chukkas for their summer rest, also this piece of history: Desert Boots Heroes.

5. I really hope that these people are right and that longer form people-made content might be coming back, beyond menswear… because that is the place I came of age, before IG and blogs as inbound marketing tools only: Are We About to See a Second Golden Age for the #Menswear Blog?

The blogpost they mention at the beginning is also a good one if you are into righteous anger about externalization: Made and Not Made in America.

6. For all those who have been hoping that *this* will change everything, NO, it won’t. ‘People are resilient and their attention spans are short […] as a civilization, we are remarkably adept at both rebuilding and closing our eyes to potential disasters’: Will Coronavirus Kill Hype Culture as We Know It?

7. And some care basics promoting Lithuanian linen and slip-wearing: How To Care For Your Linen Dresses.


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