#whatiwore 2020w2 + Sunday links

My wish to work on fashion drawing and sketch my outfits, well, is not happening this week, so you get some photos instead.

This is me going to the Opció Taller party and while at it spending some quality time with sewing people, drinking cava and receiving that gorgeous book as a present (Robinson, Julian. 1988. The Fine Art of Fashion: An Illustrated History). Swoon… And even that book is clearly saying that I need to do some fashion drawing, wink-wink.

Wearing: the #memade floral dress, the #meembroidered swap cardigan, those gorgeous burgundy tights that combine so well with the purple Vejas, my mom’s trench, the cien colores scarf, and the flower bomb headband. Pretty much the same outfit I wore for my post-defense party in December:


The brain food is always here, though:

1. When I stumble upon things repeatedly, you also get them repeatedly, William Deresiewicz’s stuff, for example: Solitude and Leadership: If you want others to follow, learn to be alone with your thoughts.

2. I have discovered Anne Helen Petersen, and so shall you: (a) How Kim Kardashian Pushed The Boundaries Of Celebrity Pregnancy; (b) Here’s Why So Many Women Knew The Rumors About Harvey Weinstein; (c) #MeToo Is Working; (d) The Company That Branded Your Millennial Life Is Pivoting To Burnout; and (e) This Sort-Of Socialist Church Is Taking A Radical Approach To Christianity.

3. If you have done Gender studies 101, this is obvious… but still very much illustrative of the larger point: Cross-dressing appliances reveals design’s gender bias by Karin Ehrnberger. Also, I would like myself that ‘feminine’ drill, I think. But I might be brainwashed, though…

4. For the section of brand histories and anthropologies, this is a big one: Tiffany Is More Than a Store. On a side note, a ‘stationery and fancy goods store’ is what I might want to have when I’m old and bored. ‘Owning a color’ is another interesting idea I might borrow from Tiffany at some point.

5. And for the ‘fashion business is ruthless’ folder, what is happening to Tiffany and so many more these days: (a) Bernard Arnault Just Bought Tiffany. Who Is He? (b) “Brands Can Do Better With a Conglomerate” Behind Them: A Look at the Consolidation of the Luxury Industry; and (c) LVMH’s Bernard Arnault (Briefly) Ousted Amazon’s Jeff Bezos From His Post as the World’s Richest on Monday.

6. I am yet to read Uwe Westphal’s Fashion Metropolis Berlin 1836 – 1939: The Story of the Rise and Destruction of the Jewish Fashion Industry but these are the reasons why I want to do it: (video ‘teaser’) Fashion Metropolis Berlin 1836 – 1939 and The Lost Jewish Brands of Berlin.

7. What Does Being Best Dressed Mean? Not much, I’d say.


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