#whatiwore 2020w16 + Sunday links

The shelter in place outfit for this week: UT merino base layer, ZIB leggings, the white tank top I found in garbage, Bonne Maison socks that I have to keep darning, ugh, I do not recommend them, despite all their beauty. I’m often wearing a blanket over all this, though.

I also left my flat for the first time for real in 32 days – line drying on the roof and taking the garbage out doesn’t count – because the bulk cleaning liquid store only opens before lunch these days (C has been doing the rest of our grocery shopping otherwise). So I dressed and went. It felt weird. Fragile. Exposed. Paranoid. And annoyed at all the other people walking around. But dressed up like so:

My subconsciousness was clearly looking for the most casual outfit, for the most contained one… Yeah, this is the most inconspicuous I can dress! You have already seen it all: the Hummel zip jacket with the UT merino tank top under it, my mom’s hand-me-down pants, those already mentioned beautiful but unlasting socks, and Veja Wata Pierre.


But as for the brain food, proceed on your own, some of us need information and some need distraction, and some need something else completely. Salud y república!

1. Anne Helen Petersen is in and reminding us not to be dicks: The Social Media Shame Machine Is In Overdrive Right Now.

2. Why you should acquire posh wool only secondhand (and remember that we are still in the midst of a climate crisis too): The Cashmere crisis in the Himalayan ice desert.

3. You have probably seen that ‘if you ever complained that art is useless, try surviving a lockdown with no movies, music, books, etc.’ going around, so have some relevant art from the holdings of National Gallery Scotland.

4. If you still haven’t patched, fixed, sewn and embroidered all that surrounds you by now, here’s some inspo and guides for sashiko and boro repairs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + this guy. Again and again, repairs and DIY don’t have to be perfect or professional, or invisible. Functional visible mending for the win!

5. While we clearly inhabit different paradigms of how the world works, I admire Alexandra Dvornikova‘s artwork and enjoyed reading what she has to say: ‘Regarding quarantine, I feel the deep resonance to the thought of the philosopher of ecological aesthetics…

6. I also keep coming back to Clarissa Pinkola Estés‘ rather circular argument that ‘we were made for these times‘: ‘We have been in training for a dark time such as this, since the day we assented to come to Earth. For many decades, worldwide, souls just like us have been felled and left for dead in so many ways over and over — brought down by naiveté, by lack of love, by suddenly realizing one deadly thing or another, by not realizing something else soon enough, by being ambushed and assaulted by various cultural and personal shocks in the extreme. We all have a heritage and history of being gutted, and yet remember this especially …we have also, of necessity, perfected the knack of resurrection.’

7. This is the perspective I’ve been lacking in most of the Covid-19 coverage coming my way: ‘the majority of people (at least on social media) seemed to mostly be dealing with boredom and isolation […] I was doing two full time jobs at the same time […] I wasn’t bored. I was scared and overwhelmed and stressed and under so much pressure. I wanted to yell at people— “what is wrong with you! How can you be tired of doing nothing! What the hell! Your only job is keeping yourselves entertained! This is not a real struggle!”‘ Also, Ezra W. Smith is a very talented artist and you should buy her art.


What I was writing about a year ago: Vegan-friendly omnivore places in Barcelona. I still stand by my recommendations and can’t wait to go back!

What I was writing about two years ago: #100wears: Red flea sweater. That still favorite sweater, including the first month of the Covid-19 shelter in place.

What I was writing about three years ago: Persuasion or #fuckfastfashion, but gently. My back then responses to the typical roll-eye ‘arguments’ in favor of fast fashion…


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Take care and stay safe ♥

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