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Well, hello there! As you can see, this space is going through a conceptual change. I realized that I was getting tired of taking outfit pictures, and I’ve been sulky about not having developed an ability to do fashion sketches since forever (more on that here).

So to develop a new skill and avoid drag, you will now endure at least a year of my drawings, hopefully by the week 52 I will like them more than now. When convenient, I will provide photos and a bit of a background story of the one outfit I’m drawing each week. Like so:

We did a family bowling thing after such a long hiatus that nobody was sure when was the last time we did that. My dad swore he had never bowled, my mom had some vague memories. And I looked dashing! This classy all-black ensemble was: Utenos Trikotažas merino long-sleeve base layer (2019), the refashioned HnM dress that became skirt (2008/2019), Calzedonia ‘cashmere blend’ tights (2019), and – when not wearing bowling shoes – my Veja Wata Pierre (2018) as it was a dry day and my ankle was sore. Not pictured: my old BikBok parka (2003). Skirt bowling was great, btw.


The lower part of the Sunday posts will stay the same for now, because brains read reading matter:

1. The Post-Trend Universe: ‘We live in a supermarket of choices, not just in what we wear but also in the kinds of food we eat, the music we listen to and the decorating styles we might choose for our homes. There is no single trend that demands our attention, much less our allegiance, as so many options are available to us at once. According to the theory of lemons, anything could be selected and prized for its very individuality and we wouldn’t look out of step.’ If anybody claims that x is in and y is out, laugh in their face. Always.

2. Unfortunately, so many of ecological catastrophes come from trying to make luxury more available: How Your Cashmere Sweater Is Decimating Mongolia’s Grasslands and Cashmere’s Contribution To Climate Change. Solution if you really-really crave something that fluffy? Buy it secondhand! More sustainable and almost certainly of a better quality than the ‘affordable’ fast fashion cashmere in shops right now.

3. What Does ‘Black Friday’ Even Mean Anymore? ‘It can be only a matter of time before we get Too Good to Be True Tuesday, Watershed Wednesday and Take-It-All-Home Thursday. Spend-a-Lot Sunday? That might be going too far. […] You have to be one of the most unlucky people in America if you are paying full price for anything these days.’

4. When mainstream media cannot really figure out the correct tone to tell us about how female politicians rent the formal outfits, oscillating between endorsing the sustainability discourse and clutching their pearls in outrage: (in Spanish) El fenómeno de Ocasio-Cortez y otras políticas jóvenes que alquilan la ropa para ir al Congreso.

5. This is mostly about ties but you get to see the scandalous first Vogue cover of a woman in trousers (May 1939). This one:

6. If you had believed that the magic of capitalism will cure the fast fashion problem because after Bangladesh there is no place with an even cheaper workforce, and a general economic growth there would improve all wages and conditions… nope! The Prices of Garments Coming Out of Bangladesh’s Massive Manufacturing Sector Keep Dropping.

7. And, of course, Climate damage to Pakistan’s cotton crop hits economy.


What I was writing about a year ago: Luisita 31 or 31 facts about me. Because sometimes this is just an ego trip…

What I was writing about two years ago: How expensive is an ethical wardrobe? 2017 second half money talk. Money is an important and often avoided ingredient of the whole ‘detoxify your wardrobe’. Well, I’m on a mission to divorce sustainable fashion from expensive fashion. The old and used is the most sustainable option after all.

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