#whatiwore 2019w52 + Sunday links

So, the last bowl of brain soup before 2020 comes?

1. A reminder for those resolutions and those travel plans: Your Frequent Flyer Status Is Part of the Problem.

2. Our love/hate story with plastic is forever… and because of good reasons (includes a basic primer on how all synthetics are made): What is Fleece? Comfort and Warmth Through Plastics.

The response from the natural fibers? What is Melton Wool? On the Toughest and Arguably Warmest Woolen.

3. Oh, those teensy history bits, even for those who are not planning to buy vintage rarities anytime soon: Lee Storm Rider Denim Jackets – The Complete Vintage Guide.

4. Need a great conversation starter? ‘For a while, Gammarelli only sold socks to people in the clergy, and color was determined by a person’s position (so as to match the rest of their uniform). Black was for seminarians and priests, purple for bishops, and red for cardinals.’ Yes, bishops wear purple socks… The Return of Fun Socks.

5. The ills of fast and cruel fashion are still with us, even when truthfully it states ‘made in EU’ or ‘made in USA’ on the label: Luxury Fashion Brands and their “Made in Italy” Accessories at the Center of Sweatshop Scandal in Naples and Fashion Nova is Coming Under Fire for Alleged Wage and Labor Violations, But the Law is (Largely) on its Side.

6. The most valuable swoosh: Nike is the Most Valuable Apparel/Footwear Brand in the World, Making its Logos Some of the Most Valuable, Too. So get to know the history behind it!

7. And to finish the political year that has made very little sense, ‘Being angry and disappointed in your fellow citizens is not the same as thinking they’re evil, and it’s not the same as wishing them harm. […] As a dear friend wrote on Facebook, I can wish no worse on those people than that they will one day understand the consequences of their actions and be obliged to live with them. But honestly, nobody deserves what’s coming.’ Necessary Anger by Laurie Penny.


What I was writing about a year ago: The unwishlist for my 31st birthday. One of my weirdest posts ever: making a list of what I don’t want and then realize that I am obtaining some of those things… Oh, shadow, don’t we love you!

What I was writing about two years ago: Fashion, sustainability and tidying books I read in 2017. In 2019 I’ve mostly listened to Harry Potter audiobooks just to stay sane…

What I was wearing a year ago: #whatiwore 2018w52 + Sunday links. Also wore this week: my mom’s bird top, the BikBok parka, the fluffy Seppälä coat, the Crocs boots, the HnM sweetheart dress now turned into a skirt, and the Hunting Ensemble beanie.

What I was wearing two years ago: #whatiwore 2017w52. And was still wearing this week: the fluffy Seppälä coat, the Crocs boots, and the HnM sweetheart dress now turned into a skirt.


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