#whatiwore 2019w50 + Sunday links

Here, stimulate the brain:

1. In the spending news, As Gen Z Spending Habits Shift, Skincare, Natural Beauty Looks Continue to Outshine Traditional Cosmetics (hah, well, at least there are already things that Gen Z is killing; also, I find this trend quite wholesome) and Thoughts on a New Gilded Age.

2. Something I do wonder about is if I’ll see sewing skills coming back in by lifetime or dying out completely: From a Sewing Needle to a Laser Cutter, a New Approach to Fashion.

3. Politics through fashion at country music awards? Yes, please: In Praise of Jennifer Nettles’s Equal Play Pants.

4. Sometimes I just wonder about the audacity… How stupid do you have to be to copy a clearly recognizable print? Supreme-ly stupid: Supreme is Being Sued for Allegedly Hijacking Another Brand’s Camo Print.

The seemingly generalized disregard for trademarks keeps surprising my naïveté… How can taking somebody’s trademarked product and giving them ‘youthful upgrade’ be a successful (and legal?) business strategy? Well, Rolex Calls Foul on laCalifornienne and its Colorful “Counterfeit” Watches.

5. I’m not sure I’d like to wear the original 1940s and 1950s jeans models… Lee thinks I should: Lee Brings Back the First Women’s Denim It Ever Made. But, well, I am not a denimhead, those people know where to go: On the Hunt in Tokyo for ‘Authentic’ Denim.

In other denim news, (a) Levi Strauss CEO: ‘Sizes will go out the window 10 years from now’; (b) Denim Mills Show Confidence In Recycled Fibers but Will Brands Follow? and (c) You Can (and Should) Tailor Your Jeans to Fit You Perfectly. Here’s What You Need to Know.

6. I do enjoy long, romantic brand histories, what can I do… Eddie Bauer’s Legendary Parkas.

7. And there are people analyzing the links between fashion and politics, and politics through fashion. These who are being praised for just having the decency to think through their symbolic roles: The Duchess of Cambridge and Family Refine the Art of Pantone Politics and In Pakistan, Kate Middleton Aces Fashion Diplomacy. And, of course, dressing through *that* shitstorm, George Kent and the Bow Tie of History and How They Suited Up for the Impeachment Battle.


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What I was wearing a year ago: #whatiwore 2018w50 + Sunday links. Also wore this week: the red flea sweater, my mom’s trench, Veja Wata Pierre sneakers, and Liisa’s velvet skater skirt.

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