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Orden a Tres podcast

Your all-time favorite KonMari™-dedicated podcast is back, this week talking about the horror that occasionally strikes mid-tidying festival: the fact that you have to dismantle your current order to tidy and to rebuild a new one. Here: Ep. 14 ¿Cómo sobrevivir al desorden mientras ordenas? You can also listen us on Spotify and Stitcher, and iTunes.


And how about a cauldron full of hot strong love fun reading matter?

1. This is just too cute… basically, how very durably, hence still relevantly well-dressed Meg Ryan was in You’ve Got Mail: Lessons from… 1998.

2. And how toxic garbage is forever, and sometimes somebody has the power to make it go away: Buried leather to be excavated from Wolverine tannery site. A required read for all those claiming that leather is the sustainable option… as it, obviously, depends.

3. A couple of interesting observations from the world of high fashion: Millennials Are Taking Over Fashion, Too and, about designers with large firm experience striking out on their own, Doing It on Their Own: An unemployed designer who headed a fashion house can wait for another opportunity or just get on with it.

Also, this: Fashion’s Latest Trend: Eco Bragging Rights. If only they happened to become real achievements…

4. Just a reminder from The State of Fashion 2020, this is where the money is in fashion:

Clearly, we are still being fucked by the athleisure, fast fashion and luxury people. And, while these people are in charge – and aware that consumers want at least an appearance of sustainability – please memorize this: Greenwashing: How to See Through Disingenuous Eco-Marketing.

5. At least the most weird-looking cultural appropriation has been cancelled: Dior Finally Says No to Sauvage.

6. Well, it is turtleneck weather in this hemisphere, so (a) My First-Date Turtleneck Has Never Failed Me; (b) The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes and the Black Turtleneck; and (c) Skip Grad School, Buy A Turtleneck.

7. FYI, ‘you can’t be sure that you don’t have coerced labour in your supply chain if you do cotton business in China‘.

In other China-news, What Does the Chinese Government’s Social Credit System Mean for China-Dependent Luxury Brands?


What I was writing about a year ago: December Swap (8th!) recap.

What I was writing about two years ago: #KonMari for advanced minimalists. The obvious point: the tidying festival won’t be as cathartic if you have been already mindfully reducing your possessions. However, interesting insights are still possible.

What I was wearing a year ago: #whatiwore 2018w49 + Sunday links. Also wore this week: my mom’s trench, the Muroexe boots, the Hunting Ensemble red beanie, the Devold sweater, Veja Wata Pierre sneakers.

What I was wearing two years ago: #whatiwore 2017w49 + Sunday links. Also appeared this week: my mom’s trench and the Muroexe boots.


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