#whatiwore 2018w26 + Sunday links

Here, memento mori:

What strike me most when learning about Kate Spade? On the positive note, the ‘just go and do (although you have very limited knowledge about the job)’ message. On the other, I didn’t know that it’s possible to give up the rights not only to all your intellectual property but also to your own name. Scary shit. For a context: 10 Minutes with Kate Spade, the Person; Kate and Andy Spade on NPR’s How I Built This; American Fashion Designer Kate Spade Dead at 55; Kate Spade’s Legacy Was Bringing Color and Quirk to Fashion + The Fashion Industry is Exclusive, Should We Expect its Coverage to Be Any Different? + Kering is Shuttering Tomas Maier’s Brand But His Trademark Lives On (And That’s Important).

After my take on body positivity, here you have two other bits: Body Positivity Is a Scam and Active ways to cultivate positive body image.

And bits about coherence in fashion (thanks to The Fashion Law ♥): When Is It Okay for Brands to Get Political? Ask Noah and Paris Fashion Week’s Front Rows Speak to Fashion’s Complicated Stance on #MeToo.

What I was writing about a year ago: #30wears and 18 months of counting.

Another old post you might enjoy: Get to know your fibers (and stop cutting the tags).


As you can see, my outfits vary less in summer. I guess that’s because of lack of layering pieces. Have you had any adventures with outfit repetition, like having to explain it anybody that it’s OK? Do you think that people actually notice outfit repetition?


  1. hello,
    About your last question…unfortunately the answer is yes!I remember some year ago, my women colleagues in the office commenting on clothes of co-workers, but not in a good way.”Does he/she wear the same blouse every 2 days?Doesn’t he/she have more clothes?” or about a colleague for wearing the same shoes for 2-3 years, repairing them and still wearing them (oh, the horror!!).
    I wouldn’t be immune if I would hear them about my clothes, even if I would have arguments about my choices.

    1. Hi, Dori! Thanks for stopping by… Yeah, hell is other people. And I am vaguely aware that all the practices I advocate for – repetition, second- and third-hand finds, little washing, etc. – are not the milieu of many social and professional circles. I could, of course, suggest to be brave and ‘do you’, but the pragmatic truth is that each of us has to evaluate our circumstances and see where to set our limits. Going through life suffering or thinking that you might be sabotaging your career one outfit repetition at a time is not a good idea. In the situation you describe probably an compromise could be a disciplined rotation in the way men do with ties (as nobody knows if that’s the same suit), citing Palahniuk in Fight Club: ‘It must’ve been Tuesday. He was wearing his cornflower-blue tie.’

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