#whatiwore 2018w21 + Sunday links

And because the little gray friends need nom-noms:

While I’ve never expected high fashion to be socially responsible and caring for poverty or social inequalities, this is an interesting point: Op-Ed: Is Balenciaga Socially Irresponsible? Meanwhile, you can read up about the actual Cristóbal Balenciaga and have some incredible eye candy of what Balenciaga once was.

The whole thing of shipping our garbage off-sight keep coming back, obviously, because stuff – including garments – does not evaporate, so Rwanda Does Not Want Our Used Clothes and is at a Standoff with the U.S. as a Result and, repeatedly, For Dignity and Development, East Africa Curbs Used Clothes Imports.

“Fashion Revolutionaries is a partnership between the British Council and Fashion Revolution which aims to create positive change in the global fashion industry. The programme highlights change-makers and activists who are exploring new ways of working which values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.
As part of Fashion Revolution Week, the British Council have commissioned a series of 7 short films profiling the innovative stories of 7 practitioners across the world, including fashion designers, artists, architects and entrepreneurs. The films have been created in the spirit of the grassroots movement, using content produced by the practitioners themselves and directed by Kate Cox and produced by the Smalls.” – shorts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.


June and summer will be officially here very soon… What are your fashion inspirations for this summer? Colors? Materials? Aesthetics? Mine, as you already know, are here.


  1. I’ve tried to include linen, silk in my wardrobe but I have to iron them often, so around 7-10 days I got another 1 hour booked for this job.(the silk after 1 wear looks like I slept dressed in it, so I have to iron it even if I don’t wash it).
    For the colors, I try to stick to my old blues, greens, beige.

    What kind of materials work for you?(Similar climate, so any lesson learned from somebody else is useful)

    1. Hi, Dori! I’m feeling the ironing pain these days – the beige lyocell skirt I made look so much better when ironed but I just can’t be bothered, really. I will iron it only before a wedding I have to attend in late June… knowing that it will have an ‘artsy crumple’ before we’ve reached the venue.

      As for summer, I’m not preparing anything new, my priorities are still breathability, non-stickiness and preventing chub rub. This means that pure synthetics and tight garments are waiting for November and that for long walks I’ll wear maxi skirts that flow between legs. That’s probably one of my counterintuitive findings: I wear shorter and tighter skirts in winter and longer and flowier in summer. Oh, and stuff that does not show sweat excessively (because sweating is not preventable here).

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