#whatiwore 2018w12 + Sunday links

A random update: I have a beige-minimalist-weird-shape capsule wardrobe fatigue! I know, I know that to each her own but the hegemony of this one aesthetic is overwhelming and depressing. And gives a false image of what a minimalist-in-numbers wardrobe can and cannot be. Here you have a great example of a capsule I’ll never wear from Fête/Life magazine:

Fashion-related brain food for the little gray cells:

Initiatives aimed at giving full information about supply chains involved in their garments: (1) The IOU Project that will show you both weavers and dress-makers of each item they sell, and (2) Where Your Clothing that will show even which cotton farmers the raw material came from.

One of those usual *maybe* hopeful sustainability news: ‘[In US] After rising for 100 years, electricity demand is flat. Utilities are freaking out.‘ My cranky side would just frown at this due to the fact that the consumption should be actually falling because (a) so much electricity-intensive uses have been shipped away to other countries and (b) all appliances gain efficiency with each new model. So who is using all this electricity anyway?

An artsy attempt at an atemporal capsule (somehow looks much better than most sleek-and-beige capsules mentioned above) Standard Issue by Dosa.

Brain food for eudaimonia:

A practice to try – writing therapy! Two different approaches to choose from or to blend according to your needs, Dr. James Pennebaker’s Expressive writing and Julia Cameron’s Morning pages.

For quite some years I’ve summarized a part of my youth with the Geroge W. Bush quote “When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible” (1, 2). Last week on Stephen Colbert I discovered that I could also quote Bukowski to convey the same sentiment: “Oh, I was once young, Oh, I was once unbelievably young!”


  1. I prefer your colorful wardrobe to the beige-black-white minimalist capsules you see everywhere! It shows your unique personality – those minimalist capsule wardrobe mostly look the same to me.

    1. Thank you, Clara! This kind of feedback means a lot to me. One of the impulses that made me launch this blog was along lines of ‘OK, you can do a capsule/minimal wardrobe in the beige way, but I bet you can also do it my way!’

  2. As the spring is finally arriving, I find my pinterest feed flooded with tips how to create the perfect “parisian chic all-neutral capsule wardrobe”. It got so repetitive that I just went crazy and unfollowed all the users and boards that had even the slightest chance of sending to my feed another collage of a capsule composed of neutrals “spiced up” with a striped shirt. While I agree that to each their own, the lack of variety can really get quite mind-numbingly boring.

    1. Heh, and I thought that I was the only one annoyed by the whole ‘French chic’ and neutrals + the Breton stripes cult! Good to know that there might actually be a silent majority against it…

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