#whatiwore 2017w27 + Sunday links



This week’s suggested reading/watching/listening:

Money talk (at Elizabeth Suzann) – continuing with the value of euros in the age of fast fashion, here you have the most candid ethical fashion pricing description I’ve come across.

Smart garment prototypes by Marina Toeters – “Fashion is surprisingly out of date. The last true innovation widely accepted by the industry is polyester (circa 1953). Dutch academic and designer, Marina Toeters isn’t impressed. According to her, we’re wearing clothes that are technically out of date, and missing a sustainable trick” (Lucy Siegle here).

Wrapped in Nature: Clothing Is An Agricultural Product, by Mary Kingsley – brings you back to the notion that all clothing until that polyester invention and much of it since then has been *cultivated* to start with, so the same concerns that are more and more prominent in food production and consumption should apply. Where was my natural fibers grown? Who planted and harvested them? In what soil? What treatments were used? How did it travel before coming cloth?


How do you deal with summer outside and AC-ed inside, do you carry an extra piece of clothing for indoors or just endure? How do your fashion priorities change in extreme temperatures? I feel that my style is at its most authentic during the in-between seasons. Cold and heat impose their own priorities!

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