#whatiwore 2017w26 + Sunday links



This week’s suggested reading/watching/listening:

What I Learnt from Karaikal Ammaiyar and Her Closet of Adornments by Sharanya Manivannan – an essay on many things (racism, sexism, slut shaming, transphobia among other) asserting that “Fashion is about far more than vanity, or morality for that matter. It is about identity, memory and emotion. It is a background score to every interaction, conveying ambience, setting the scene, foreshadowing, foregrounding. Every mood-lifting ensemble is a victory. Every garment touched longingly and placed wistfully back on the shelf is a compromise – resignation that sometimes means ‘not yet’ and sometimes means ‘never’.” Oh, yes!

5 Iconic Shoes and Our Ethical Alternatives – brand names are overrated… or you can get new ones to fetishize! Anyways, you can find an ethical alternative for almost any wearable. Yes, it takes time! And, yes, it might cost more! But they exist. So “I wish but…” is not an acceptable stance. Yes, I’m looking at you, Converse, who for years were unable to tell all the poor vegans what glues you are using. Because you just don’t care about your supply chain. Bye-bye, Converse, hello, Veja!

Fiber exploration continues:
Greenwashing Alert: Rayon Viscose Is Made From Plants, but Is Also Toxic and Destructive
Material Guide: How Ethical is Modal?
Rayon, Modal, and Tencel – Environmental Friends or Foes

TL;DR: you have to ask questions and request high environmental and labor standards also with your regenerated fabrics as not all viscose is made equal.


What are your summer favorites to keep cool (or to keep the cool away if you live in Latvia)? And what inspiring stuff have you been reading/watching/listening this week?

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