#whatiwore 2017w25 + Sunday links





This week’s suggested reading/watching/listening:

The Hidden Cost of Animal Leather – so you would know what’s wrong with that industry net of animal welfare concerns. Take home message? If you really-really want some leather goods, go for second hand. Or piñatex.

Patagonia’s The Stories We Wear – there are many reasons to love and admire Patagonia, their Worn Wear activities being only one of them (among wonderful workplace policies for US context, use of recycled materials, life guarantee, etc.). They celebrate that people get attached to their garments and have stories about them, especially, of course, about garments that they’ve had for years. Google the full movie “Worn Wear – a Film About the Stories We Wear”, it has disappeared from YouTube but maybe it will come back!

Surprisingly Compostable Textiles – after a serious look at you fibers, you can go on and compost the natural ones! For fun. And to keep the landfill lean.


Our crowdfunding is half-full, so The True Cost movie screening will happen for sure. While we decide on the date and format of the event… Seems that we will have to draw our stickers by hand, though. If you are more into printed stickers – and hand-written thank you notes, and our neverending love – here is where the euros gather. Thank you so much!

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