Well, hello there! I’m Luīze, and this blog reflects my life with a minimalist wardrobe.

I have loved dressing up since I remember myself. That + rather tomboyish behavior and post-materialistic values (yes, go figure!). Between ages of 4 and 16 I was planning to become a fashion designer. Right before the art school entrance exams in 2004 I decided not to even try. Instead I tipped my toes in journalism, NGO work and – quite deeply indeed – in sociology and Academia, all that while wearing a whimsical selection of bird headpieces, huge earrings and only flat shoes. My consistent creative output since 2008 has been my photo-diary you can find at iza.feels.it.

Since 2014 I’ve been pruning out my wardrobe aiming at maximizing comfy eccentricity and priming sustainability. At this point comfort and the origin of the item come first. Most of the things I wear are hand-me-downs, heirloom or purchased second hand. The few items I purchase new are carefully planned and researched.

After having read ravenously about other people’s capsule wardrobes, I’ve devised my own, even more demanding system (parts I and II) of making sure that only the optimal items stay in my closet. If that’s something you are interested in, welcome to my land of happy wardrobe spreadsheets where all the pieces are statement pieces!

I believe that it is possible to do the wardrobe detox journey on your own and this is blog is full with tools that can help you (start here!). However, if you’d like to work with me and have personalized guidance throughout the process, contact me and let’s talk about it: luize (a) feels.it