#whatiwore 2017w31 + Sunday links




This week’s garment-related brain food:

Why I Wore The Same Outfit Every Day for a Year – Just to hear the “nobody cares if you repeat the outfits” from somebody else. Some of her experiences are very similar to my capsule ones while some of them are very different, yet still all of that confirms that “the rest is drag“.

The Afterlife Of American Clothes – A reminder of what happens with the most of the clothing donated in West: they take a trip South to a whole different market. Just to keep in mind when you are planning the next wardrobe purge. Maybe there is another way than the magical container?

Material Guide: Is Viscose Really Better for the Environment? – Again and again, the fiber dilemma… There’s no perfect solution, so don’t get too excited about your regenerated fibers.


So I’ve been able to wear a jacket again. How is your summer capsule going? Do you have a need for layers in your summer or is it the least amount of clothing possible?

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