#whatiwore 2017w30 + Sunday links



Because learning is living (and a great excuse for not doing):

Label Lingo: Everything You Need to Know About Natural Fabrics – More fiber stuff, as this is the topic that I find most interesting these days and Good on You people are kind enough to provide these little informative posts. Also, to remind ourselves that natural = perfect.

‘Our Industry Follows Poverty’: Success Threatens A T-Shirt Business – I’m still exploring Planet Money documentary-related articles, this one on differences in textile industry working conditions in Colombia and Bangladesh. It is striking that the more efficient of the two factories, the Colombian one, is the one that loses fast fashion costumers (and have to reassess their future) in an industry where labor costs drive the orders.

Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern – I finally got my hands on the book documenting this Brooklyn Museum exhibition (a gazillion thanks, Marina!). A review may or may not follow, but I strongly suggest you explore the biography and aesthetics of this lady: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Such an inspiration!


I’m thrilled by the knowledge that I’ll be able to wear a jacket next Friday… I miss layering so much! Do you also find summer dressing to be the easiest and the most boring at the same time? What’s your favorite season for dressing, all the cozy (but bulky) winter layers or breezy summer stuff (when even that feels too much)?

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