#whatiwore 2017w24 + Sunday links






To add a twist to my weekly outfit posts, I’ve decided to bundle them together with some suggested reading/watching/listening links. Here you go:

Elizabeth Pape on Manufacturing and Selling Women’s Clothing and Elizabeth Suzann – one of the most in-depth and sincere talks about hows and how much of ethical garment production. Also, my leftist-Keynesian self got quite few laughs out of the fact that the classically trained (and clearly a believer in all that HayekFriedman stuff) just cannot warp his head around that an enterprise can be driven by something else but profit. And the fact that an ethical fashion company can actually be profitable just sends him spinning off the cliff!

World Water Day 2017: The True Cost of Conventional Cotton – a reminder that conventional cotton is a big and very dirty issue, i.e. reasons to go organic or second hand.

What Really Happens to Your Clothing Donations? – the basics you need to know before putting your unwanted garments in a donations container.


And, talking about donations, our crowdfunding is half-full, so The True Cost movie screening will happen for sure. Seems that we will have to draw our stickers by hand, though. If you are more into printed stickers – but hand-written thank you notes – here is where the euros gather. Thank you so much!

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